Spring is in the air!

I can’t even help it, I have vacation on the brain! Only 1 more week until we head to the West Coast, but to be honest it’s the lazy lake days of summer that I’m looking forward to. These amazing Spring finds will fit in perfect for our North Carolina spring and summer days! Every year I add a few staples to carry me through the season and this year is the same. I’d call this my vacation/spring starter pack to get you off to the right start. If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Gibson line of clothes, certainly check them out. This dress is from their collaboration with Hi Sugarplum (also my favorite person to follow on instagram). I’m sure you’ll love their resort collection. The other times just make me feel like enjoying our perfect North Carolina spring days. Next week, I’ll be giving the dish on some on my favorite local hiking spots, so this water bottle will come in super handy. After that you’ll likely find me hanging out in the pool with this awesome candy red stripe float. Can we just say that this float screams resort feels? Until next week 🙂


A Nest for Your Guests…

All guest rooms are not created equal…

I couldn’t possibly talk about spring without talking about one of the most challenging aspects of this time of year….the Guests! It is inevitable that you will have loads of your favorite family members (or sometimes not so favorite) revolving through your home between spring and summer. If you live near the lake then you already know your home is the most favorite and likly the cheapest place to vacation. If you are one of the lucky few to have a dedicated guest room, then things are already looking up and if you don’t have a dedicated space; I highly recommend bunking the children together for a few days. Nothing is worse than tripping over an air mattress in the family room as you stumble your way to the coffee pot. And let’s face it, living out of a suitcase makes a mess for even the most well meaning guests. There is no doubt that having a guest room is pure luxury. Personally, the day my daughter left for college I claimed her room for all guests (including her) so that I could rededicate the old guest room as a work out room! Here are my top two tips for making guests feel welcome and keeping your self sane through the visitation season.

If you’d like more tips for using all the rooms in your home, or maybe you’d like to purchase a home with a dedicated guest space…don’t hesitate to contact me! If you would like more information on how to organize the perfect guest room, definetly contact Julie Waide with Ten Houses (Photo’s in this post). 

1. If the rest of the family can manage sharing a bath for a few days, give your guests their own bath. Set out the towels, extra toilet paper, and some sweet smelling soaps! I know the extra stuff is likely in the cabinet, but why make them scrounge around? Do you really want them studying the contents of your cabinets. (think way too much hemorrhoid cream)

2. Fresh sheets! Yes, I am a sucker for a crisp pair of white sheets. Personally I am a huge fan of dedicated guest sheets. I am completely in love with Target’s Threshold brand. Not only do they stay in place with the double elastic fitted sheet, but they have a little tag that tells me which side is the top! (Yes, this is a life changer for me…don’t judge!). Having the extra set means that I don’t have to get to the wash the same day the guests leave. Next step is for the ultimate layer lover. A coverlet, duvet and a throw at the bottom complete the look and keep your pickiest guest comfortable. We opt for several different types of pillows at the top of the closet so that guest can choose their own. How posh is that?