Who Determines Your Success…

You Determine your worth!

A six figure salary was once my measure of a successful business year; however, if your end game is measured by money alone you may never reach the height of a true business guru. The truth is that I have come to learn that success is determined only by my actions, and therefore cannot be measured by sales or volume alone (someone else’s reaction). It often means sticking to my principals, knowing that the end result may actually be a lost sale, but for all the right reasons. Success means knowing your worth and demanding that others acknowledge that value as well. Those clients/customers that find value in your service or product will become the brand that you can rely on without constantly having to prove yourself. They trust you, and depend on your expertise for guidance. If you spend your time chasing after those that don’t find your value, not only are you losing yourself; but also losing valuable time that can be spent bettering your service for your trusted clientele. 

Today’s world is often in search of the biggest discount but fully expectant of the best service. Determining your guidelines in the beginning will help you plot a course for success. As we near the end of the year, many entrepreneurs and business professionals will be looking at the bottom line to determine if this has been a successful year. I urge you to look deeper. Were you able to stick to your guns when it would have been easier to accept less than you deserve? Were you able to gain a valued client instead of a “one off”? If you don’t value your expertise, there is no way that you can expect anyone else to do so. Now sit back and see if you really had a successful year? I’d love to hear about it!

Tips for determining your value:

  • Look at your competition and honestly ask yourself how you measure up? Do you offer more services, better quality, dedicated attention, better resources?
  • Take into account your “behind the scenes” time involved? Not every penny is in markup of a product but the time it takes to conduct a business.
  • Tote your successes. A proven success is worth a lot more than an unproven discount.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away!