A Dream Without a Goal is Just a Wish…

Utah! Where all good ideas start….

March 3, 2018 –

Today, I’m sitting on the couch and I finally have to admit that, “Yes, I am officially sick”! Why is this so awesome? Well, because on this sniffly, sneezy, haven’t gotten out of sweats day, I am starting this blog site. I decided last October while on my mother/daughter exploration trip that something was missing from my life. My daughter had less than a year to go before she heads off to college and despite the fact that I have a few years left with my son at home, I could already feel the gap in my soul. Something was calling to me and said, “There is more for you to do, more to enjoy”. 

April 30, 2018 – 

Well, if this isn’t the story of my life; I don’t know what else to say! On March 3rd, I painstakingly and self consciously created my blog. Full of fear…fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of success. While I had one thing in mind, life had another and so after a very slow start and a very busy few months; I recommitted to the blog only to find that a fluke happening had erased the entire project! UGH!!! Want to know what else? Rookie mistake is that I didn’t save my work and so all I had to start again was a few screenshots that I had taken to share my moments of pride. The thing is… this is my reality! Sometimes we just don’t get it right the first time. Sometimes we find success in the failures and sometimes we just have to start over and try again! I may have to start over a few times to get this right, but I will keep starting and that’s what counts. After all, half the battle really is just showing up! Here’s to showing up Part 2